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Artiklar • april 23, 2013

Guide to Congo

The Democratic Rebublic of Congo struggles with civil conflicts and rebellion. The country’s story has been called the most unreported story in the world. There are many explanations, yet none of them contributing with operational solutions. When you’re reading this, you’re probably holding a bit of Congo in your hand…


It’s called conflict minerals. Coltan is a mineral in almost every cell phone and computer in the world. 80 % of the worlds’ supply of coltan is in the mines located in DRC. Resources as curses instead of assets are exemplified in DRC, being the most resource rich country in the world and at the same time the world’s deadliest conflict zone since the World War II.

To understand the complexity of the conflicts within DRC and with its neighboring countries, a local perspective is needed. In this case, a local perspective is more difficult than usual to receive. With different rebellions guarding every corner, a local visit is perilous in several aspects. Regardless, Suroosh Alvi, the founder of Vice Media Inc, went to DRC and made a documentary called Guide to Congo, the heart of bleakness. Watch it HERE.

There is also a shorter film called This is Congo, you can watch it HERE

Although, questions of intervention remain. What is the best course of action, and who should be the main actor? On Thursday we’ll discuss military power, interventions and its limits using Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic as examples. HERE is an article about the ongoing alternation in power in the Central African Republic.

See you at the seminar, on Thursday!


Caroline Wrangsten

Blog editor, UF Stockholm

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