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Seminars • April 13, 2012

The Global Teach-In

Wednesday 25th of April 2012 from 16.00, lecture hall C6, Stockholm University

The Stockholm Association of International Affairs welcomes you to The Global Teach-In will take place simultaneously in seven countries and more than 15 cities. This interactive and participatory event will include discussions by experts, grassroots activists and citizens at large concerned about developing solutions to policy problems and creating alternative institutions.  The Teach-In will involve face-to-face deliberation, teleconferencing and an internet-based broadcasting network.  Local teach-in groups already exist or are in formation. Participate by organizing a teach-in, joining a local group or listening to the broadcast.

For registration and more detailed information, please visit http://www.globalteachin.com/global-teach-in-sverige.html . The event is free of charge. Some parts will be in Swedish.

 16.00 – Live broadcast interview with Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org – leading environmental activist in the US.

17.00 – Round table discussion with Lorentz Tovatt (editor Supermiljöbloggen & founder of Wake Up Call), Oscar Kjellberg (Södra Rörums Sambruk & former CEO of JAK Medlemsbank) among others.

18.00 – An Overview of the Crisis- Live broadcast with Pamela Brown, New School for Social Research, ledare för kampanjen mot studentskulder i USA, Colin Hines, Convenor, Green New Deal, UK.

 19.00 – Local workshops and group discussions with the round table participants.

 20.00 – Roundtable on the Economic Crisis and Alternatives - Live broadcast from New York, Amherst och Madison, USA among others.

 21.00 –Alternative Models and Local Activists I – Live broadcast with grassroots activists from Stockholm, Washington D.C, Durban, London among others.

 22.00 – Alternative Models and Local Activists II – Live broadcast with grassroots activists from Ann Arbor, Chicago, Portland, San Fransisco among others.

For a more detailed list of participants please visit: http://www.globalteachin.com/global-teach-in-sverige.html

The list is updated continuously.

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